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Why Do High Schools Offer AP Classes?

AP classes contribute multiple benefits to schools systems all around Florida. AP is an acronym that stands for Advance Placement, and is taught at a college level of learning. Students taking an AP class will earn a college credit for that class if they pass the AP exam at the end of the year. The overall benefits of taking an AP class are the challenges that are placed onto the students that further prepares them for going into college and eventually a career.

Seamus Hackett, a sophomore taking AP classes commented, “AP is a good way to get a comprehension on what your future classes would be like.”

FPC encourages all students to take a higher rigorous level course because statistics show that being challenged with higher level classes will increase that students success rate for college. On the College Board website, statistics showed that 52% of previous AP students didn’t drop out of a 4 year college compared to the national average of 37%.

AP class’ way of learning is very beneficial to students, however all students MUST pass the exam at the end of the course to earn the credit. If they pass, then this is now a beginning college GPA for them, as well as free college classes they won’t have to take and pay for later.

Mr. Dustin Sims, the Principal of FPC commented, “At Flagler Schools we make every student take the AP exam, we don’t want you to just take the course and not take the exam. Some schools across the state don’t make you take the exam and also make the students pay for the exam. FPC offers the classes and pays for the exam.”

High schools also encourage students to take classes such as IB, Dual Enrollment, or honors level courses to raise the school’s grade. This will factor in whether schools get an A, B, C, D, or F grade. There are financial awards available for higher graded students which help schools offer more options.

FPC is constantly recruiting students to take the next step in their schooling. They do so by sending out letters after the PSAT scores come out that shows who is most applicable for this level of learning. Students that are interested in taking an AP class should speak with their parents and choose what is right for them, then continue the process in getting the class put in their schedule.