Student Opportunities

The Benefits of Community Service: Why You Should Volunteer

During high school, students are given many opportunities to help shape their futures. One of these opportunities is to engage in volunteerism. Not only will volunteering support the Flagler Schools community, but it will aid students in potential situations later down the line.

Although community service hours are not required to graduate high school, students are able to receive multiple scholarships for volunteering. According to the Florida Department of Education website, 75 hours of community service are required to earn the Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship, and 100 hours are required for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship.

Often times students are concerned with their lack of experience when applying for a job. Paige Arizaga, a 10th grader at FPC, stated, “It will make it a little harder seeing as I want to be a veterinarian, and how can I if I have no experience with animals?”

Alex Weathers, another sophomore at FPC said, “I believe that my lack of community service hours will negatively impact my chance of getting a job […] I have plans to volunteer at the library during the summer and to also help pick up litter.”

Mrs. Corinne Schaefer, an English teacher at i3 Academy and host of the i3 Helpers said, “People need to realize how beneficial volunteering is to students and the community.” When students volunteer it directly impacts the community and brings fellow peers together. Volunteering helps students get involved in the community, and gain skills such as responsibility and problem solving. Students should be volunteering more often, community service may even change their lives.