Flagship of the Month

September Flagship of the Month: Embry-Riddle

sam1Embry-Riddle is September’s highlighted Flagship of the Month because it’s built for a new generation of learning compared to a traditional classroom. Embry-Riddle has a lot of perks to offer students, including free college credit and scholarships. This program is specialized in teaching about aeronautics. Since there are so many students involved in the program this school year, FPC now offers five different Embry-Riddle class periods. Within the class students get to go on field trips and could eventually get connected with some great internship opportunities.

Caden Marks, a senior involved in the Embry-Riddle flagship program commented, “It’s free college credit, I’m saving 40,000 dollars that I would have to spend on Embry-Riddle University courses per year. I’ll take all the free college credits that I can.”

sam-collegeThe program begins by teaching students about the basic principles of aeronautics, then goes in depth about how a plane works. The class eventually leads into teaching about drones and flight physiology. It serves as a mimic of what a student would learn and do within the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Mrs. Hilary Stevens, the Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle stated, “Aviation isn’t just flying a plane, through this program I see students being able to do what excites them while at the same time they are earning free college credit.”

The most admirable aspect of the Embry-Riddle flagship program is the passion the students show towards what they are learning. Mrs. Hilary Stevens administers a club so students have the opportunity to sam2come in and further engage in the different equipment that is set up in the classroom to simulate flight scenarios. During the club there was a lively excitement in the room and continuous sounds of a drone buzzing; there never seemed to be a dull moment.

Any current or incoming FPC students interested in aeronautics should visit their guidance counselor or peek in on the club to decide whether or not Embry-Riddle would be a great choice for them next school year. To keep up with each highlighted Flagship of the Month visit the Flagler Schools Observer.