Club of the Month

September Club of the Month: Fitness Club

sabrina3On Wednesday, September 28th, I got to participate in Fitness Club. This club is run by i3 Academy teacher and FPC wrestling coach, Mr. Michael Rinyu. This club is open to all FPC students every Wednesday and Friday if you’re looking for an active after school activity!

I had to meet up on the i3 campus in Mr. Rinyu’s classroom, where everyone got changed into their workout clothes. After everyone was ready, we got all of our stuff together and started walking over to the main FPC campus. We went into the weight room, where the football players were getting ready to go outside for their practice. We put our stuff down and began stretching to prepare ourselves for the workout while the football players cleared out.

After we were all stretched and ready to go, the group decided that today they were going to focus on upper body. Every time the club meets, they focus on different workouts that help specific parts of your body. He started us with pullups. I attempted, but was not successful. I was not embarrassed of my unsuccessful attempt because Mr. Rinyu gave me strategies on how I could make it easier to do a pullup.

sabrina2We did start weightlifting, which was intimidating for me since I don’t have very much upper body strength. Mr. Rinyu told us proper ways to hold the bar, how to keep our back straight, and how to properly lift. I could not lift very much, but I know if I keep going to Fitness Club I will start to get better.

“I joined Fitness Club because I was tired of feeling insecure. I want to be fit to feel better about myself and get into a routine for when I begin college,” Haylie Shiftlet, an FPC student who attends the club regularly, told me.

Fitness Club is a great way get the exercise you need without being self conscious. Students and Mr. Rinyu help you out the best way they can to make sure you’re exercising to your best ability and you’re doing it correctly. Overall, everyone has a fun time while getting fit and stronger!