student opinions

Is Cyberbullying Real?

Cyberbullying is an issue, but it is all based off of opinion. Some people will say cyberbullying isn’t a real thing while others will argue that it is. In reality people might say you should just have thicker skin about others’ opinions, but some people might say that you shouldn’t have to listen to rude comments on social media.

Keilee Gocking, an FPC student in 10th grade stated, “We shouldn’t have to deal/listen to it. People shouldn’t say harsh words to other people in the first place, there is no reason for it.”

On the other hand, Joel Foley, another FPC student in 11th grade stated, “Bullying of some form is something that almost everyone will experience throughout their life, it’s not something that can be avoided. Growing thicker skin will make bullying have less affect on you and won’t bother you nearly as much.”

Fellow FPC 11th grader, Ivy Santiago said, “I believe that we should have thicker skin with cyber bullying because even though it should not happen it does, and when it happens to you, you should stand up for yourself and not listen to them.”

Cyberbullying can happen anytime, but it all depends on the circumstances. Whether you think it is an actual type of bullying or not, that’s up to you. Some can say it’s just an opinion on social media, not bullying because there is no physical contact. Others might say it is an even worse type of bullying because harsh words can lead to psychological problems.