Lack of Sidewalks in Palm Coast

abbie-1In Palm Coast, Florida there have been many complaints about the need of sidewalks. Though the views on this topic vary depending on who is being asked. Driving through Palm Coast neighborhoods early in the morning students can be seen waiting for a bus to take them to school. Most students walk to their bus stop every day, as well as walking home from the bus in the afternoon. Sidewalks could help provide these students with a more secure feeling of safety when walking home from school.

There have been numerous accounts of students being hit by passing cars when walking to and from their bus stops. One of these tragedies included a seven year old little girl, whom was struck by a car on her way to the bus stop in October of 2015. This incident caused an uproar on the subject of why the city does not have sidewalks in the neighborhoods.

When an FPC student, Jillian Micieli was asked how she felt when walking to her bus stop, she replied, “I do not feel very safe while walking to the bus stop because it’s very dark in my neighborhood in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard for drivers to see us walking or some people drive recklessly and almost hit us while speeding down the road.”

abbie-2The safety of the students in elementary to high schools raises ears when speaking about bus stops.

Another FPC student, Steven Bates, was asked if he felt safe when walking to his bus stop, “I do not feel safe because I have to walk on the road and the cars get really close. The cars expect us to move out of their way. The entrance to the way we go to our bus stop or when walking home there is a canal, if my sister and I were to walk out of the way we could fall into the canal.”

The safety of the students is in jeopardy every single day because they are not provided with a secure place for them to walk to and from their bus stops. Until sidewalks are put in for students to safely travel on, their lives will be continuously put in danger.