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Does Social Acceptance in High School Drive People’s Reason to Bully Others?

The idea of bullying isn’t socially acceptable by teachers, parents or even other students, but who defines the line of “just joking” and bullying? Bullying has a spectrum of severity, and some people don’t realize the impact they are having on someone else. Meaning they might bully just for the attention of others. Within schools there are some instances where bullying is socially acceptable just because it could be traditional to pick on new or shy students.

Society encourages people to be rude through roasting each other, so many wouldn’t see it as bullying. Based on the idea of social psychology people build their attitude based on what society thinks is acceptable.

Mrs. Jacqueline McKeown, the FPC Psychology teacher commented,Adolescence is a time when peer groups and acceptance become increasingly important. Sometimes that need to be part of a group can lead teens to treat others and act in ways that they would not normally do on their own.”

Society encourages insults, and people are seen as impressive for being a savage or quickly insulting any of their peers around them. There are groups that purposely “throw shade” (Publicly criticize someone else) just for new or interesting conversation.

There has found to be a major correlation between roasting and bullying, and the effects it has on students. Davon Brown, an 11th grade FPC student commented, “Peer pressure forces others to do what everyone else is doing even if they don’t want to, but have to do because of the fear of acceptance.”

Although students think little of the freshman getting picked on in the locker room, under the surface they might struggle with anxiety, depression, or low self-confidence. But it’s okay, right? They’re just a freshman, so it’s tradition to pick on them. The majority of the time someone just has to think before they speak to save someone else from developing psychological issues within themselves. Start the change and lead a positive example.