Be Careful What You Tweet, Your College Is Watching

When students apply for college, don’t let it be a surprise if they get denied acceptance because their social media accounts are full of inappropriate content. A student’s test scores and grades show their academic status, but what they post shows their true character. Colleges choose what kind of students they want on their campus since their students reflect who they are as a school.

“I don’t know if a public university would let me in or not if it’s because of bullying,” Mr. Dusty Sims, FPC’s Principal, stated, “but I have heard them say we are checking social media accounts.”

Who a person is online sends a huge message to others by showing who they truly are beyond how well they do in school. Social media shows colleges what kind of person a student chooses to be and whether or not they want that type of person on their campus.

“When you look online you can see the person’s true character. You can learn a lot more about them,” Mr. Blake Vandebunte, the i3 Academy Director, said.

If a university finds a student posting unacceptable content on the internet, they most likely wouldn’t want a person with that attitude attending classes at their school. The students represent the college they attend, so if they are posting inappropriate things it sends the wrong message about that school to the people who are looking to apply.

Students should be careful what they post on the internet. If a college sees tweets or pictures of harmful words on social media posted by one of their applicants, it might affect whether or not a student gets accepted.