Preparation Before Entering the Water

dscn3659Many activities require preparation, especially sports. So, how did the FPC swim team prepare for their meet on September 15th against New Smyrna?

Some people think that swimming is an individual sport, but according to the coach of the FPC Swim Team, Mr. Tom Gillin, “It isn’t just one person out there swimming to get the points, it’s a team.”

Coach Tom was asked some questions about how the swim team prepares individually and as a group, “We try to be as versatile as possible, because everyone has their best or favorite stroke. So if you’re good at butterfly, but you’re bad at freestyle, then we would practice freestyle.”

He also explained, “Whether we win or lose, we review what we did, what place we got, and how we improve. If it’s an away game then we will find somewhere to eat after the meet.”

Each person has their own superstitions and way they prepare for an event. Some teams also have traditions for after the competition.

Samantha Lauria, a student on the swim team who broke the 32 year old school record, was asked what she did to prepare for a competition, “I think about what I’m doing at the meet and I imagine myself swimming in 1the event.”

Matthew Pokorny added, “We try to pump each other up while their swimming, you know cheering them on, like as a team.”

Swimming is a sport that undoubtedly requires preparation and people do it in different ways. They prepare both mentally and physically. Whether it’s imagining themselves doing something, or by sitting alone while listening to music before a competition.