Beyond the Screen

Cyberbullying can carry on into the classroom setting and cause issues for the student who is getting bullied. A student who is bullying other kids online will usually receive disciplinary action from the school they attend. This is because a student can get anxiety and become stressed when they know they are getting targeted. Cyberbullying may result in beyondthescreen2a safety issue on campus and can also cause students to skip school.

If a student is saying cruel things to someone on the internet, even if the bullying takes place at home, disciplinary actions have to be taken.

Mr. Blake VandeBunte, the i3 Academy Director said, “It all carries over into school, we owe it to students to feel safe and limit distractions.”

Whether suspension or detention, this happens because students who get bullied feel uncomfortable when they come to school, and their anxiety shoots sky high. They wonder things like, Will I see my bully today? Is my bully talking to other people about me? Is everyone talking about me now? Cyberbullying is just as bad as regular bullying at school, sometimes it could be even worse.

As Mr. Dusty Sims, FPC’s Principal, said, “Why does it matter if it’s cyber? Bullying is bullying.”

Students walk in fear in a place where they should feel safe, which is the reason why cyberbullying requires school discipline.