Flagler County

Students Newly Added to the School Board Panel

The Flagler County School Board chooses a student yearly from both Matanzas and FPC to give a youthful perspective on new policies and provide the school board with insight that wouldn’t be available through other sources. The students chosen are hard-working and involved within the community to prove they are capable of providing a student voice when making county decisions. On August 16, 2016 Kobi Kane a senior at Matanzas, and Brittany Franklin a senior at FPC, were given the opportunity to be that student voice for the school board this 2016-2017 school year.

Kobi Kane explained her involvement so far, “I am honored to be a student representative on the Flagler County School Board. I really enjoy being able to give an insight as to what is going on at Matanzas High School. At the meetings when I get asked a question that’s my opportunity to speak for the students of Flagler County. From curriculum to graduation rates, the school board members treat me as an equal and acknowledge my comments, which I absolutely appreciate.”

The Flagler County District Board member Trever Tucker (Vice Chair) gave his insight on having student school board members, “The idea of having a student on the board is to give a students perspective to current policies the board is trying to approve or change. The students can give us information that may not be available from staff or parents when we are trying to implement something new.” He continued, “The board is making decisions that will impact students, so it is only right (in my opinion) that we have a representative to give us their voice”

In past years these student board members have addressed valid problems or needed areas of change, one example is the last alteration in dress code regulations. To keep up with changes within the schools, watch school board meetings at the Flagler Schools webpage.