Artist of the Month

FPC September Artist of the Month: Kiera Garvin


Kiera Garvin

Congratulations to Flagler Palm Coast High School senior Kiera Garvin for earning the September Artist of the Month title. Mr. Edson Beckett had the opportunity of picking this school year’s first featured artist, which was difficult since his students have only completed two Area of Concentration (AOC) pieces so far.

Diving right in, Garvin moved from Cape Coral to Palm Coast about a year ago. To her surprise, she was able to get into FPC’s AP Art class in her second year attending the school. This gave her the chance to further develop her drawing skills, as well as focus on pursuing some type of future career in art.

“After graduation I hope to attend a university and study computer animation, something I have always been amazed by and interested in,” explained Garvin.

She has yet to apply at an art college, but has applied to several other universities’ art programs such as FSU, Stetson, garvin_kiera_aoc1and USF. FSU specifically offers the animation and film program that Garvin is most interested in.

As for her AOC, Garvin is focusing on involving the over analysis and literal interpretation of advertisements that are present in our everyday lives.

She said, “I wanted to show how we see the ads for products and brands that are always present, but to which we never give a second thought.”

Garvin revealed that, in the piece located to the right, it was practice for her in subjects she has never drawn before: realism and surrealism. Her usual style leans more towards cartoons, and is mainly made up as she goes rather than planned out. Although the pieces she is currently working on will be a challenge, they will undoubtedly further her skills and development as a versatile artist. Keep up the good work, Kiera!