High School Experience: Before and After 9/11

Flagler Palm Coast High School hosted a 9/11 Memorial Ceremony on September 9th in remembrance of all those who died on that day. This year’s high school Class of 2020 is the first class of students who have not lived before the September 11th terrorist attack. This generation of students live a different experience than students did before 9/11. Why is it so important to remember that day, and how has it altered our everyday lives?

The rate of mass shootings have tripled since 2011 and many high school students don’t find the shootings, attacks, or wars very shocking at all. In today’s world we have had many tragic events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook shooting. We do find them catastrophic, but since they seem so reoccurring, we aren’t very surprised by it.

“Situations like shootings don’t really surprise me anymore since they happen often. I usually wonder why they do it, but it doesn’t come as a shock to me,” Cameron Harris, an FPC student, said.

When 2001 high school students were informed about the hijacked planes, they were shocked that anything like that could happen on U.S. soil. When terrorists attacks were talked about happening in the United States, they weren’t taken very seriously. They were mostly heard of happening on other parts of the globe, not U.S. soil.

“It was all Middle East War or potential conflict with Eastern European nations,” Mr. Edward Cox, an FPC teacher and Air Force veteran, said when asked about his thoughts on terrorists attacks before 9/11.

No one thought that something so horrible could happen in the United States. 9/11 is the event that undoubtedly sabrina-9-11_2revealed to Americans how the security of our country was inadequate.

Even though multiple disasters have occurred at numerous schools, this horrible event changed the way that school systems were run. Many schools have emergency exits posted all around hallways and classrooms, and their students practice safety drills frequently. These precautions are taken more seriously than before so the schools can ensure proper safety.

The damage caused by the 9/11 attack fifteen years ago was horrific, and we are still suffering the fallout. How students experience school has changed drastically since that day.