Chaos: Another Side of the Story

From the outside looking in school is a peaceful and enriching place, but in the eyes of a student it can get chaotic. Each student experiences a different sense of the word chaos, but generally school can be overwhelming. In this photo set I wanted to depict the emotions students feeling during their high school life.


At first, high school can be a bright room that your eyes haven’t adjusted to. Kyle Jestes, a FPCHS senior, comments on how blinding high school can be, “This hash of the chaos would slowly break down your mental state.” It can be very intimidating, but the more practice you have the less chaotic it will feel.


Stress can make high school life frightening and feel like everything is moving forward expect you. Mrs. Corinne Schaefer, an English teacher at the i3 Academy added, “Students who do not know how to handle this intimidation dig themselves in a hole so to speak, and do not know how to get out.” Handling the chaos of stress can play a role in each individual’s success and how they grow as a person


Having people that will help you through this chaos is important. They can sift through the chaos and together make each other better individuals.


High school is the doorway to the rest of your life. A lot of others find themselves on their 4-year journey. The chaos experienced throughout can lead to where each person wants to be. Don’t deem anything you do useless as it is a step of the journey to the rest of life, chaotic or not.


Whether it be too much going on or not knowing where to start on something, parts of the high school experience is dizzying. But after a while, the dizziness goes away.