Why Are Seniors Not Ready for the Next Step

Why are seniors not prepared for what comes next? In high school you are asked the same questions; what do you want to be when you get older? What college do you want to go to? Some seniors at FPC that are asked these questions don’t even know what colleges they would like to attend, while others have a whole path planned out.

The Assistant Principal of Flagler Palm Coast High School, Mrs. Stacia Collier, explained, “Sometimes the students don’t know requirements, and that stops them from pursuing it.” Seniors do have trouble deciding which college is right for them and what field they want to work in. This could be due to the lack of time some people have to research colleges. For others, it just hasn’t crossed their mind. Chad Mohrbacher, a senior at i3 Academy, was asked for feedback on the topic. He said, “Some seniors don’t have the right grades and don’t want to pay off debts for the rest of their life.”

Another senior, Katelyn Mumma, added,  “Sometimes people think they can do better without paying for college. That they can skip college and get the same job without having student debt. Some like the military better.” These problems are reoccurring and many seniors haven’t focused on life after high school for various reasons such as money, not having high enough grades, or maybe even not caring about it, which will inevitably impact their future. Mrs. Collier provided some advice for struggling seniors by stating, “It does matter what you do after high school. Create a plan no matter if you have the finances or academics.” Since some seniors do have trouble on deciding where to go to college, it should be known that schools offer help to those who need it. This can be through guidance counselors or staff members that the students trust. By taking action now, seniors are still able to plan for what comes next without having to rush.