Retraction: A Statement About Libel

Retraction from the Flagler Schools Observer:

At the Flagler Schools Observer we strive for journalistic excellence as well as professionalism and integrity in all that we do. Last school year, one of our journalists wrote an article where he erroneously attributed a quote of a fellow student. Once this offense came to light, we felt the only appropriate action was to make a retraction and apology to the individual and their family. What follows is the sincere apology from writer Chad Mohrbacher. The entire Flagler Schools Observer staff apologizes as well for allowing this to happen. We will take this as a teachable moment for all of our writers.

I would like to sincerely apologize for the mistake I made in one of my previous articles on the subject of teenagers political knowledge. I made the mistake of fabricating a statement from an FPC student without thinking about the integrity of the article and wholeheartedly regret my decision.  If I could take it back I most certainly would and am very sorry for the distress I may have caused. I did not think about how this would negatively impact the student when I wrote the article. To fabricate a statement was a huge misstep on my part. I hope my mistake is shown as an example to other journalists with the Flagler Schools Observer. This will not happen again.


Chad Mohrbacher


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