Why Do Students Show Support for FPC

Stupid-Alexy-2Many students show their support for school athletic teams, whether it’s through sending luck or going to the games while sporting school colors and body paint. On Friday night, August 26th, the FPC and Matanzas students filled the bleachers in anticipation, all of them rooting for their school team to win the game. The crowd was a sea of blue and green, and there were even fans from opposing teams enjoying the game together, all while showing their own school spirit. Many students show support for their school and athletic teams in a variety of ways, but what is the real reason behind them doing so?

Stupid-Alexey-1Going to a Friday night football game you will probably see a lot of students covered in paint. Amber Britz, a junior at FPC, is one of those fans that decorates their face with paint. She explained her reason for doing so by stating, “I show my school spirit because my school works so hard and I feel that I should be there to show my support.” It’s very neat to see students showing support for their school, but it’s also interesting to understand why they do it. Samantha Picano, a FPC student in 10th grade stated, “I show my school spirit because I love to be involved and represent FPC in a great way. I think it’s a fun way to interact with fellow classmates and FPC students.” During the game between FPC and MHS, it was seen that fans cover themselves in school colors to not only show who they are representing, but to let their football players look in the crowds and see that their fellow students are there to cheer them on. Grace Maple, a junior who has attended many games, Stupid-Alexey-3stated, “I show my spirit because I love FPC and I love their team, we honestly have the best school spirit so why wouldn’t I want to get involved with it, and bring all mine in?!”

When it comes to the football games, it’s not only the students showing their support, Coach Edward Cox explained, “I’m at practice everyday trying to encourage the kids to work hard and play hard.” He continued with, “I give them little notes and quotes to encourage them to do better.” To sum all of this up, the students and faculty show their school spirit because they love being involved and letting their team know there will always be someone there to back them up.