Hallways: An Unseen Path

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Hallways are the paths we take through our high school years. They represent the journey of self-discovery we as students have to feel out on our own. A real journey isn’t about the destination, it’s about the ride we take, and the lessons we learn.

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Meeting people along the journey is half the fun of it. Hallways are the one thing all high school students have to share, and through it, lifelong bonds can be made for the long journey ahead.

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The past can provide knowledge to help you in the future, and nothing tells a better story than the walls that surround it. Looking back at past mistakes made by others who took this same journey can help shape you.

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Problems might seem out of focus and confusing on this voyage, but with a clear mind and motivation, anything unknown can be learned. This is what is petrifying about high school yet; sometimes a blind jump is necessary for growing as a person.

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How you see your reflection change in front of your eyes is one of the most important lessons high school can show you, and as you walk the halls, you change. From day to day you walk farther toward understanding what is truly important.

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The path you take through this journey is truly dependent on you, and how you take advantage of resources around you. Your hallway isn’t like someone else’s and neither is your journey.

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“Teenagers will inevitably fail more than once while in high school. With help from the people they meet on the journey, they can turn these mistakes into the first steps to self growth.” – Courtney VandeBunte, the i3 Bio-Lit Teacher

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The memories of this expedition will stay with you the rest of your life, never regret the path you choose to lead. This choice shouldn’t be shouldered but embraced. “I have learned so much in the short time I’ve been in high school; I feel these four years are going to be the biggest of my life so far.” – Abigail Haynes, 9th Grader.