Flagler County

Flagship Programs in Flagler County

Flagships programs are unique academic specialties within each of the Flagler schools. Different programs contribute different qualities depending on the school. These programs were partially created as an investment into the community, to focus on growth industries in Palm Coast. The flagships focus on industries such as agriculture, health sciences, aviation and aerospace, high-tech science, marine research, etc. Flagships have a unique style of education, and offer more college based learning compared to traditional schooling while still adhering to the Florida standards. They are focused and devoted to helping students prepare for college and future careers. The Flagler Schools Observer will be following different flagships while highlighting what effect they have within the community, and will give parents and student an insight on what exactly needs to be done to enroll in a flagship program.

There are many different flagships the school board and many others have devoted hours of time into, all around the county within 12 elementary, middle, and high schools. Blake VandeBunte, the Director of the flagship i3 Academy said, “Flagships were created to keep in mind areas of growth within the Flagler county community for businesses,” he continued, “areas where people speculated there would be job openings in Flagler County”

In an interview with Flaglerlive, Flagler Schools Superintendent Jacob Oliva explained, “The goal is to begin the college and career readiness process much earlier and more comprehensively.”

There are so many different opportunities within the schools that students can get involved in to help prepare them for real-world situations starting at elementary level. To see all the flagships available to your children, check out: http://flaglerschools.com/district/flagship, and to keep up with new information about flagships in the community, stay tuned here at the Flagler Schools Observer.