Trouble in the Lunchroom: Reasons for Change

The start of the 2016-2017 school year at Flagler Palm Coast High School began with a change in their school schedule. As the students went through their first few days of school, they noticed that their lunch schedule was being split into two periods, instead of the usual three. A week after school started, administration began to notice that having only two lunches was very chaotic, so they decided to change it back.

Now, why did FPC change the schedule to only include two lunches in the first place? Why did they change the schedule back to its former three lunches? During the summer, the administrators decided that two lunches would work better than three, for reasons being that students would have more work time in their school day. Dusty Sims, FPC’s Principal, explained, “First, we only have a 6 hour school day total, and if we were able to go to 2 lunches we could add 30 minutes back into the academic/class time.” In order to make this work, they added additional seating in the dining area, and hired more cashiers so they could open more lines, making it more convenient for the students.

After all of the changes administration made, they figured out two lunches had too many of FPC’s students in the cafeteria at one time. This concerned many of the school’s parents and students. This was due to overcrowding and students receiving a shorter amount of time to eat their lunch. It just wasn’t working. According to Kerri Sands, FPC’s Assistant Principal, “In order to better meet the needs of our students we decided to go back to the three lunch schedule. Our teachers were excited about the additional instructional time that came with the two lunch schedule, though.” In the end they all understood why the schedule needed to be switched back. Now that students have an appropriate amount of time to receive and eat their food, it’s easier to see that having three lunches is better for Flagler Palm Coast High School.