Media Popularity: August

As students enter the years of adolescence, they begin to gain interest in a variety of types of media. Social media has been one of the largest trends in these past years, and is still growing today. Students use different types of media to connect with one another and as conversation starters to make new friends. Having certain interests in common is especially important in high school, since what teenagers are interested in forms what kind of friends they will have, and also what fellow peers think of each other. Media is at all times changing and adapting, and there is always something new coming out that could potentially be the next big trend.

As the years have gone by, social media has evolved into something bigger than anyone 20 years ago could have imagined. Though there are some websites who have lost a grip on what they used to be. Facebook, at one time being the most popular and revolutionary social media website, has now lost a large portion of its following with many teenagers choosing to use other websites and apps. The newest and greatest social media sites are Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. There are still some people though who somewhat stand in the middle of what they think of social media. Kyle Jestes, a FPC senior was asked, “Do you think social media being so popular is a good thing or bad thing.” He responded with, “There is a positive side because families and friends are more connected, but the negatives may outweigh it because people use social media as a way to provoke violence and negativity in other’s lives.”

What makes them so popular is the option to choose your style of content and be different. Instagram was mainly made for posting photos, but over the years has been adding new features such as short videos, DM, group chats, and most currently the new “Instagram Stories”. Many Instagram users prefer what it started out to be with its simpler design, only posting pictures with captions, and being able to choose from a variety of filters to edit their photos. Twitter has been a huge social media site since its inception in 2006, and has gained most of its fame from its very famous users. Many celebrities choose to use Twitter as a way to briefly give their fans a glimpse into their lives. Snapchat is one of those weird in between ones. It’s not really a social media site, it’s more like a messaging system, but people can follow you and see your story. The most famous aspect of Snapchat is the variety of filters you can apply to yourself and friends, such as making your face look similar to a dog, or opening your mouth to have rainbows spill out. Although, these are just the three largest social media websites, there are many other students who prefer to use ones not mentioned. Kennedy Abshire, a senior at FPC, was asked what her favorite social media website is and why. She responded with, “Pinterest because it has everything on there from DIYS, your favorite fandom stuff, fashion stuff, etc.”

To start off the new school year means to start off many up and coming trends. Teenagers across the country will find and attach themselves to all different types of new media. As social media changes, so will the perspective of students. With this in mind, we hope to provide updates on these different types of media changes here at the Flagler Schools Observer.